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Hot Sauce the Podcast

Jan 25, 2016

The Stacey 40 Yard Dash Edition. Are the Buffalo Bills ready for a female assistant coach. The San Francisco 49'ers get rejected. A new coach for the Cleveland LeBron's. Some want you to boycott the Oscars, Stacey Dash wants you to boycott BET. Amy Schumers likes to borrow other peoples jokes. Plus, S**t Movie of the...

Jan 19, 2016

The Lane Kiffin Has Bad Luck, Son Edition. Recap of the NFL Playoffs so far. The Cincinnati Bengals are cursed. Will Chip Kelly ruin the San Francisco 49'ers. Who cares enough to boycott this years Oscars. In Flint, MI, you have to chew your water. Things you don't want to hear from the person giving you a ride. Plus,...

Jan 10, 2016

The I Am Bledgeoned Edition. Who will win the College Football Championship. The greatest college basketball game ever played. Ken Griffey Jr. makes it into the Hall of Fame. El Chapo gets caught trying to be a star. What would you do with $900 million. Plus, S**t Movie of the Week, Throwback Album of the Week, Needs...

Jan 4, 2016

The Eddie Munster Edition. The dumbest college football player ever. They even stole Cleanthony Early's gold teeth. The winners of the best and worst celebs of 2015. Plus, S**t Movie of the Week, Throwback Album of the Week, Needs More Run, AARP Vixens, Podium Pull-Out, Fantastic Five, and much more!