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Hot Sauce the Podcast

Feb 17, 2013

The Dirty Norris & Captain Rapey Edition. Was Chris Dorner really Wesley Snipes character in the movie U.S. Marshals. Jesse Jackson Jr. must have been a pimp in his former life. Marco Rubio has a thirst to prove Obama wrong. Oscar Pistorious has more murder charges than he has legs. O.J. Simpson, now king of the gays in prison. Larry Bird's son running over girlfriends like his dad hit clutch shots. Oklahoma golf courses now provide meth. Taylor Swift keeps racking up the ex boyfriends. This kid went straight past going blind, right to death. Lil Wayne knows his black history. Nobody sullies Chuby Checker's name and get's away with it. The introduction of a new bit called First Reaction. Plus, Fat Moment of the Week, S**t Movie of the Week, Deal Breakers, and much more!