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Hot Sauce the Podcast

Feb 11, 2013

The Gummy Chest Haireola Edition. Never plan a road trip with a group of scallywags. No excuses for the 49'ers Super Bowl performance. All the Bounty Gate participants lived happily ever after. The roller coaster that is this year's college basketball season. Are the L.A. Lakers the most dysfunctional team in the NBA? Who needs wax for your chest hair when you have gum. Tug-O-War turns into a combat sport. That's not the Duke University we're accustomed to. Is Chris Christie to fat for The White House. The biggest television ever made. Why choose a cleft lip when you could have an Albino instead. Plus, Fat Moment of the Week, S**t Movie of the Week, and much more!  Even white boys got to shout.